Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Today Betty finally got in her fourth upper tooth. This now takes her to a total mouthful of six. She now occasionally grits her teeth together (the sound of which bothers Erin), and enthusiastically chomps down on her graham crackers. To take the attention off of her, though, Arthur finally agreed to pose for a picture while standing.

For the past week or so, we've caught Arthur randomly standing for a few seconds at a time. Today though, he started doing it consistently. Betty was none too pleased to have the attention taken off of her, and promptly reached over and yanked Arthur to the ground.

Besides this incident though, the two of them did have a good day together. They fell asleep holding hands together in their carseats, and earlier were communicating through blowing raspberries at each other. As for Coraline, though, perhaps tomorrow will be her day of excitement.

Tooth count: A-2, B-6, C-3


Sheena said...

Oh yes...the yank and pull...we have this a lot around here. ::hehe:: It is so adorable to see that little guy just standing there. It doesn't seem like they should be big enough to be doing all that yet!!!

Liverpoolgirlie08 said...

hi, im kate from liverpool in england,
i have been looking at your blog and i think you have the most adorable children ever, are the girls identical??
i really enjoysed reading your blog and i will keep on coming on it to see how the triplets are getting on!!
from kate x

ABC Triplets said...

Hey Kate, I had wondered about the dots in England on our tracker map. How'd Liverpool find us? :)

Yes, the girls are identical, though they each have separate birthmarks and Cora has a few hemangiomas to tell them apart. Plus there is a size difference and a personality difference, so it's not too hard to keep them straight.

kate_heaney08 said...
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[LiverpoolGirlie08] said...

hey this is kate again, it is a new account tho because i couldent remember my password to the other 1 haha.
i found you by looking about multiple births on the internet as i am in college doing childcare and had to research it so when i seen your profile i had to be nosey and have a look.
thats good that you can tell them apart then!!
thay are all gorgous!
kate x