Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Sick Girls

We had a rough night last night. Only Arthur and I remained in the bedroom. Erin had taken sick Betty into the guest room, and I found Nana sleeping on the couch with a sick Coraline. And Erin has a cold now as well. She skipped school, and spent the day between the doctor's office in Blacksburg and the pediatrician's office at the hospital. While they couldn't do anything for Erin's cold, we did put Coraline on amoxicillin too. Betty's teething process is still quite painful, and she now has a large blood blister on one side of her upper gums. Between the antibiotics, the eye drops, the liquid tylenol, the teething tablets, and the baby orajel, we worry that the girls are going to spend the day crawling around in a drugged daze. However, they haven't let their colds (and our remedies) slow them down, as the girls have been exploring all areas of the living room, and have become quite mobile. And when I went to check on Betty during one of her naps, I even found her standing up in her crib for the first time. Hopefully their colds will pass soon, but we are also a bit worried that Arthur seems to now have a runny nose.


the schirano triplets said...

i hope everyone feels better soon!

Kelli said...

I am so sorry to hear everyone is sick.....I hope everyone feels better right away!

Just wanted to respond to your question about our clubhouse...we ordered it from One Step Ahead ( If you call them, instead of ordering online, and explain that you have triplets, they give you a discount...i cannot remember how much off, but it is really good...maybe around 15% or maybe 20%? We ended up getting a couple hundred dollars off the price of the clubhouse....but they give you that discount on pretty much all their products.

Feel better soon!

Sheena said...

Poor sweet girls. I hope that everyone feels better soon. It is never fun being sick.