Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Food

During the midst of this sickness outbreak, I went into the freezer and found we were down to only 4 tubs of baby food. I use around 2-3 frozen tubs per meal, and supplement it with odds and ends out of the fridge. Thus began the monthly food-making frenzy. I focused on the staples, and reused over 100 of the plastic tubs that gerber food comes in. I made 13 tubs of carrots, 20 of potatoes, 19 of peas, 10 of broccoli (their new food this week), and 43 of a three-bean salad (garbanzo, navy, and white beans). Also, the other day the triplets had their first taste of table food. I had made stuffed peppers, and quickly realized that the babies had had all of the ingredients already. So into the food processor it went, and they enjoyed a tasty meal for a change.

We had great weather today, and as the kids were starting to feel better, Erin took all three for a mile walk to the main street in our little town. She was surprised to run into an antique car show, and quickly called the rest of us to meet her downtown. We all enjoyed walking around looking at the cars and eating barbecue sandwiches for dinner.

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Jen said...

I really need to make my freezer look like that!