Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Car Seats!

After the triplets' nine-month appointment, we realized that they were soon to outgrow their car seats. Coraline only had one pound to gain or 1/4" in height to grow before she'd have to get a new seat. So we went online and ordered 3 Britax Marathon convertible car seats for them. While I was unhappy about having to purchase 6 new car seats in less than a year, it is nice to know that we had to do so because the triplets are growing so well.

We took the three seats today to the local police station to have them installed. It ended up taking longer than planned, as the police officer had trouble getting the seats in place. This was either because we were trying to squeeze three large baby seats into our mini-van, or because the large police officer was trying to squeeze himself into the van with the three car seats in order to install them. After over an hour, and a lot of struggling, they were finally secured in place. Now the only issue is learning how to put the babies in the car seats. The best plan we have so far is to load them through the rear of the car, over the seat, and into their car seats.

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