Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two New Teeth + Too Much Trouble

Last night Betty got her fourth tooth, her left lateral incisor. That means there was a gap between the new tooth, and her right central incisor. We were worried about how awkward this might look, but then this morning we noticed that her left central incisor had come in as well. So now she has 5 teeth! We hope that with the new teeth she will finally be able to eat well, as she is just skin and bones these days :)

In addition to the excitement from Betty's dentition, Arthur has been keeping us on our toes like normal. In the past 24 hours, he managed to kick a bowl of cereal off of Erin's lap, grab Nana's full wine glass off of the counter (which then shattered to the floor), and he learned how to turn the lever to raise the footrest on the recliner. We're now wondering how long it will be before Arthur can convince one of his sisters to sit in front of the chair while he shows them something....

Tooth Count: 9

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