Saturday, May 03, 2008

Crawling and Cruising

Last night Betty finally crawled! For some reason, Coraline's discarded striped "Smee" pants caught her eye, and Betty crawled six feet over to them. We knew that she had been working on practicing a few steps at a time over the past week, but we're so proud that she finally put them all together for a distance crawl. However, like her sister, Betty is quite content and mobile enough to get the toys around her that she needs. For some reason, the girls just don't have Arthur's exploring bug. It may be some time before they get used to crawling around regularly.

Today though, it was Arthur's turn for mischief. He started the day by crawling over to the couch, standing up against it, and then (for the first time), inched his way down to the opposite side of the couch to get the mug that I was holding. We have our first cruiser! Then, tonight he got into more trouble. The dogs always go a bit wild in the evenings, as they eagerly await being fed (which often comes once the kids are finally asleep), and they often rough house and play with each other in the meantime. Arthur decided to watch the show this time, and crawled over to the wall of pillows blocking off the living room from the kitchen. The dogs came over to him, and tried to get him to play with them. At that point, I had get some baby bottles washed, so I turned away from the scene. After a bit, the dogs returned to the other side of the kitchen, and their barking got my attention once more. When I turned to look, Arthur was there with them. Evidently he had scaled the pillows, crawled across the kitchen, under the table, and was in the process of standing up against the metal tin containing the dog food. It actually seemed as if he was thinking about how to get the lid off the container. For the life of me I can't figure how the dogs managed to convince Arthur to help them out in their never-ending quest for an early dinner. But I guess this will be one of Arthur's chores when he gets old enough. A boy and his dogs - and one more room to baby proof.

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Sheena said...

They are just growing by leaps and bounds aren't they! And I can tell Mr. Arthur is going to be ALL boy.