Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finger Foods

We've been working on finger foods for quite a while, but the kids really haven't been able to grasp anything smaller than a rice cake. However, today Coraline showed her mastery of the pincher grasp, by perfectly eating her bowl of banana bites and yogurt drops! She was quite content to sit and feed herself. Arthur, on the other hand, was quite content stealing his sisters' bowls. He didn't seem too interested in feeding himself, knowing that eventually someone would do it for him. Betty had a difficult time with the slippery bananas, but she does really well feeding herself shredded cheese.


Sheena said...

What are yogurt bites?

I am paranoid about giving the girls more/larger finger foods. They eat Cherios and the Gerber Puffs pretty good but I am always worried because there are times when they get a little gaggy with them.

ABC Triplets said...

They are put out by Gerber. We use the peach flavor, as we haven't introduced them to berries yet. Supposedly they are 99% yogurt, and dissolve pretty quickly.