Friday, May 02, 2008

Nine Months Old!

Today we celebrated the triplets' nine month birthday. We took them to Virginia Tech's Infant Perception Lab to participate in an auditory-visual speech integration study. Each of them had three electrodes attached to them, measuring their heart rate, while they watched a 10 minute video of a woman saying phonemes like "ba," "ga," and "da." They all did wonderfully on the test, and were quite well-behaved during the whole visit.

Afterwards we took them over to the duck pond for their lunch. They enjoyed watching all the geese and ducks (and ducklings!), and we took their 9-month-old portrait. Erin had the day off from work, so everyone was happy to spend such a nice spring day with mommy.

Oh, and Coraline learned a life lesson about sticking things up her nose.

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