Monday, June 02, 2008

10-Months Old!

We can't believe the triplets are ten-months old now. It seems their first birthday is just around the corner! Here Mr. Mischief (Arthur), Mr. Happy (Betty), and Mr. Funny (Coraline) are looking out from the baby gate in our living room. We have been slowly cleaning/painting/baby-proofing our house, anticipating moving back there with the triplets when Erin's done with school. We figure a year at Nana and Pop Pop's house is long enough :)

We have three overly friendly (and lonely) cats at our house, who were eager to spend time with the triplets. Skye, the biggest and most docile, came into the room today. After nearly bowling over Arthur with his enthusiastic greeting, he put up with all the attention the kids threw his way. Even though the kids pulled handfuls of hair from his coat, and Arthur pulled his tail quite firmly, Skye remained patient with them. For his sake, though, we hope the triplets learn the meaning of "gentle" and "no" sooner, rather than later.

Coraline even got over her cat phobia (from a previous visit), and approached him as well. We can't wait until the next room is cleaned and prepared for the triplets!


the schirano triplets said...

happy 10 months! i love the picture of them all standing at the gate, so cute!

Sheena said...

Aww! I love their outfits. Too precious. And you just have to love seeing them interacting with the cats.