Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sheds, Possums, Oh My!

With the help of a captive labor force (i.e. visiting relatives), we finally got to work on Nana and Pop Pop's shed, which they had bought 14 months ago. It turned out it was relatively easy to put up, and we were only slowed down by the frequent rain storms. We tried to convince them not to store their lawnmower and tools in it, as it would make such a cute play house for the triplets.

And then later on that night, once everyone had gone to bed, Sabine the guard dog alerted everyone - One of the triplets' stuffed toys was moving!!! See if you can spot it in the picture above. Somehow, a baby opossum had found its way into the living room, and was playing dead RIGHT WHERE THE TRIPLETS PLAY! So Pop Pop woke me up, I woke Erin up, she woke Nana up, and soon all of us were involved in the Great Possum Round Up. It turns out there is more than one use for a SuperYard portable playpen!

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Sheena said...

That is so funny! He was probably just jealous and wanted to play with the babies too. They're so cute not even the possums can resist.