Saturday, June 14, 2008

Comedy is Easy. Raising Triplets is Hard.

Now that the triplets are interacting more, they are finding themselves to be hilarious. Small things, especially things out of the norm, set them off into peals of laughter. When Arthur sees one of the girls crawling across the floor carrying a toy or their wubanub in their mouth, he stops to watch them and giggles the whole time. Today, Arthur was playing with a bunch of newspaper advertisements, and Pop Pop tried to take them away from him, one page at a time. Betty, observing the brief tub-of-war each time, thought it was quite amusing. Also, Betty and Arthur are "backseat buddies" in the mini van. The other day Nana caught them holding hands on the way home. Betty would stretch her arm over to Arthur's carseat, and scratch on its denim cover. Arthur would giggle, and then grab her hand with his. They would swing hands for a bit before letting go, and then start the game all over again.

Tonight, after dinner was mostly over, Erin let Coraline try feeding herself, as she was showing interest with the spoon. Notice Arthur again finding this hilarious. Also notice about midway through Cora's victory cry of "I did it!" (or something of that sort) when she finally scoops a tiny bit of food onto the spoon by herself.

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Sheena said...

Have I mentioned for absolutely adorable your kids are lately?!? Oy! We've yet to try the spoon. They normally just throw it back at me if I hand it to them. Coraline did an awesome job!