Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Baptize?

So the other day, a family member had asked why we were baptizing the triplets. We had thought about it for a while, and this decision was far less painful (in more ways than one) than the great circumcision debate. The way we figure it, we want our children to be able choose their future path for themselves, but we would like to hedge our bets when it comes to decisions we have to make for them. So in terms of religion, we would hate to have the triplets wonder later on in life why they weren't baptized as children. If they want to become Buddhist or Muslim, that's fine, but we feel odds are we made the right decision for them with this baptism. (Though Father Steve said that "anointing them with holy oil meant that Jesus had first pick of them over Allah," so if that's true, oh well, the circumcision was a done deal too).

A final irreverent thought occurred to us on the car ride home. During the communion after their baptism, Father Steve offered the triplets a piece of communion wafer. While this was not a Catholic service, and no transubstantiation was involved, it left us wondering. Is Jesus a stage 1, stage 2, or stage 3 baby food? Should a baby try it for a week to make sure there aren't any food allergies? And if so, would we have to switch to a different religion? Lack of sleep does make the mind wander.

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