Saturday, January 05, 2008

How Do We Manage?

People have asked us how we manage with raising triplets. The answer is simple: stations. Lots and lots of stations. As holding all three all day long is impossible (and dull for the triplets), we've relied on creating a series of different activities for them. So today I thought I would take you on a tour of the various baby stations in our living room. We try one triplet at one station, if they like it, they stay there for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. If they don't want to be there, they let us know vocally and immediately.

The first station we have is what we call the playground. Two adjoining play mats, with various toys and mirrors keep the triplets engaged and provides us with a place for tummy time. Mounted right next to this is a kick piano, which the children love to play on. Coraline now is by far the most proficient roller of the bunch. Within minutes of placing her in the playground on her back, she quickly flips over onto her belly. She enjoys the process of rolling over, but continually is upset with her new face down position.

Next up are the merry-go-rounds. These are two circular exersaucers that allow the triplets to sit up and see the world from a different perspective. Arthur loves these, and gets out some of his jumping energy in them, while bashing and shaking any toys we put in reach of him. We're not sure where this violent tendency came from.

Then we have the swings. Two swings at separate areas of the living room provide a relaxing break for the triplets. They rock themselves to sleep in them, or provide them with a quiet vantage point to just sit and observe the goings-ons of their siblings. Arthur demands to have the seat upright, and the girls are showing signs of wanting to sit up more often as well.

Finally there are the bouncy chairs and the bumbo chairs. The bumbo chairs are just coming into use, while the bouncy chairs are been used less often. Even though these are not their favorite stations, these do come in handy through out the day.

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