Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow Day Redux

Further evidence that Virginians don't know what to do with snow, all the counties around us cancelled school again today. Presumably the back roads somewhere were still frozen, but around us driving was fine. Nevertheless, Erin was extremely thankful to now have a four-day weekend. We spent the day getting some chores done, including finally picking up the forms for a trio of savings bonds that our hospital gave us almost six months ago.

In other news, Betty officially has the first tooth of the triplets. We seem to have jumped the gun in announcing Arthur's first tooth. His enormous drooling and the white object in his gums had us fooled that a tooth had come in. After I posted the blog entry, somehow the tooth we all saw had disappeared. We think Betty stole it, for she clearly has a hard sharp tooth in her bottom gums. Without much fuss at all, Betty evidently is on her own pace apart from her siblings.

Last night we also submitted our photo of Erin and the kids to our local news station. Happily, they chose it to air on the evening news.

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