Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heavy Drinkers

This week we have been working on modifying our feeding routine. We added two more ounces to the triplets' last bottle of the day, hoping that eight ounces of milk will be enough for them to start sleeping through the night. Also, we foolishly realized that we had not yet started using the fast flow nipples on their bottles. We tried this back when they were just three months old, but it was too much for them and they choked on the change in drinking speed. Somehow though, we completely forgot to try it again. So now at almost 6 months old, we are finally letting them drink faster. And what a change it makes! Instead of having the girls drink for 30 minutes, take a break to play, and then return to finish off most of their bottle, with the new nipples the girls can down a six ounce bottle in just 10 minutes! As they are now emptying their bottles more often, we are going to try feeding them eight ounces every four hours, instead of every three. The final change to their feeding routine will be this weekend, when we finally try to feed them rice cereal.

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