Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Great Grandma Goes Home

Today Great Grandma flew back to Florida, and Pop Pop went along to help her move into a new apartment with assisted living. Since it would just be Nana and myself at home during the day, Grandma Toni and Uncle Matt decided to come for the week to help out. We find it best if there's a one-to-one adult/baby ratio to keep everyone happy. Without this ratio, there comes a dilemma if all three babies start crying at once. Do you choose which baby will have to cry it out while the other two are being comforted? Or do you try to comfort all three at once (in rotation), which usually ends up with all three crying again?

We still are enormously grateful to be in the position where most of the time three adults are there for the triplets. Most families with triplets only have a single stay-at-home parent to raise them. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if I were with them alone during the day. Probably there would be a lot more crying. Oh, and the babies would be upset too.

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Triplet Mama said...

Just found your blog. Sweet little babies you have!
I had live in help for the first 5 months but then couldn't wait to do it by myself (well with my husband, but he works). I just needed to feel that I was the mommy and the one in charge. What ever works right?! My triplets b,b,g are 17 months old now - sooo much fun!