Friday, January 11, 2008

Erin Pulls a "Hillary"

As tears gave Hillary the New Hampshire primary, they also gave Erin the day off. After being up late at night with the triplets (who aren't sleeping well these days), being told that she now has to teach twice the number of subjects that she currently teaches, and having her planning period taken away from her, Erin had a minor breakdown at work. Fearing that they might lose her as a teacher, her boss kindly gave Erin today off as a "mental health day."

So Erin got to sleep in late this morning. She got to play with the babies during the day. She planned one of her classes for next week, and we finally got to go out together on our first date in a long while. We saw "National Treasure," and for a brief time it seemed as though we were back in a simpler time in our lives.

Oh, and she got to see Betty finally roll over from her belly to her back! Yay, Betty!!

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