Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TV Addiction

For the longest time, we thought our kids didn't care for tv. We had even tried the Baby Einstein series when they were infants, to no avail. But after having a baby signing video sitting on the shelf for about 8 months, we decided to pop it in the VCR to see if it was any good. Well, the triplets were mesmerized from the first minute. They stayed in the room, watching the entire 20-minute video. We put it on every morning for them, and they are slowly learning some new signs.

Arthur, though, seems to be quite addicted to the video. He'll leap out of his chair in excitement, and he has no patience for the 1.5 seconds of blackness between segments. He'll quickly turn around to us, sign "help me," and hop up and down. Of course, in the middle of this exasperated outburst, the segment will have already returned. We do think, though, that we need to get some of the dvds from the "Signing Time" series, as this one is getting old fast.

Oh, and Betty has gotten in her 13th tooth!
Tooth count: A-4, B-13, C-11


Jen said...

Mine love them too! Isn't it funny how they will stand there for the whole 20 minutes, not even bothering to sit down to watch it!

Jaime Ann said...

What is the video you have for signing? My guys get way too excited for Mickey Mouse and Tigger& Pooh. They even know when I switch to On Demand.

ABC Triplets said...

This is simply "Baby Signs" - a VHS and book combo that we got at a garage sale a while back. Next I think we'll go for the "Signing Time" series ( that my sister suggests.