Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Easter Eggs

The kids love exploring Nana and Pop Pop's backyard. Between all the falling leaves and acorns, there's always something for them to find. Arthur finally has gotten the hang of collecting items in a small bucket (previously he would put a few things in his bucket, and then turn his bucket upside down to watch it all fall out). Today he walked around for almost an hour, finding stuff and putting them in his bucket. Oh, and yes, we were in a rush and we did put him in one of his sisters' sweaters.

In case you're wondering, his treasures include a soup lid from the sandbox, a leaf, a few dozen acorns, and a few flowers.

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Cassie said...

That is so smart! My boys still put everything in their mouth! :) When I first saw the picture I thought "Wow, the girls are looking more like Arthur!" LOL