Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Adventures

The girls have become adventurous in the past few days. Today Coraline decided that she was going to climb on top of the bench on the patio. Even though she was gripping her sippy cup with one hand, she managed to pull herself onto the bench, and then excitedly stood up. Seeing this, Arthur immediately went over and climbed up as well. Seems like we need to work on making the patio a bit safer. And then Betty wanted to ride the toy wagon down the hill. She had a ton of fun, and immediately ran up the hill to do it again. We can't wait for sledding season to begin! Oh, and don't try this at home :)

Finally, we stopped at the berry farm today to pick one last load of raspberries before we have the first frost (but since its been in the 80's the past few days, this isn't an immediate concern). Here's Arthur digging into some golden raspberries.

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