Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Picking!

On the first day that actually felt like Fall we took everyone apple-picking. We found this amazing orchard a half-hour away from our house. The proprietor was an elderly gentleman who hasn't been able care for his massive orchard for the past few years, so all of the fruit was truly organic. He was just looking for anyone to pick his apples, as thousands are going to go to waste when the freeze comes. We picked 120 pounds of apples, and paid just $12 for them :)

After quickly getting tired of their strollers, the kids instead decided to ride on our backs in their ergos to be close to the action. All enjoyed munching on apples the whole time, Betty hummed along for the ride, Coraline pointed out where the best apples were, and Arthur kept trying to grab the apple-picker or the nearby branches.

Before we loaded them back up in the car, we let them run around for a bit, being careful they didn't fall into any of the numerous cow-patties (the farmer complained that the neighbor's cows kept getting in his orchard to eat his fallen apples). And Arthur was quite confused as to why we didn't collect the half-rotten apples that he had found.

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