Thursday, October 09, 2008

Coraline's OCD

Coraline has quite a few obsessive tendencies these days. After every meal, when we take her out of her high chair, she excitedly shrieks and points to each piece of fallen food and debris on the ground. She won't stop shouting and pointing until we pick up every piece she has found. (And then to make matters worse, she'll occasionally drop things on the floor on purpose, take a step back, and then shout and point at it). Also, if anyone leaves their shoes in the room, she'll go around collecting them, and depositing them on the other side of the baby gate. And then there is her regular collecting, be it pacifiers, snacks, or pages of a torn up magazine (pictured here), she'll always try to pick up more than she could possibly hold. We hope she'll grow up to be the organizer and cleaner in the household. We need at least one of those in our family.

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