Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trouble with a Capital T

Today we embarked on our fourteenth round of baby proofing. My sister compared it to an arms race, and it seems we're constantly on the losing end. We had put up a baby gate, and blocked off an area with a chair. Arthur learned how to climb on top of the chair. We blocked off the door to the entertainment center with a large pillow. Arthur learned to climb the pillow, and get on top of the entertainment center. We wedged a gate against a wall. Arthur learned how to squeeze himself between the wall and the gate. Anytime he's in the room, he's constantly observing us and the world around him. You can almost see the gears turning in his little head, as he tries to think about what other mischief he can get into. This time around we've gated off the entertainment center, and are putting magnetic cabinet locks on the kitchen cabinets. We'll see how long these measures last.

In other news, we've moved Arthur into his own bedroom. The decision was two-fold. First, our nursery was a bit crowded with the three cribs in it, and only one kid could be put to sleep at a time, for there wasn't room for a second adult to be in there. Second, Arthur seems have sleep patterns different from his sisters, and we worried they would wake him up. And he still isn't that interested in walking. Betty and Coraline regularly walk halfway across the room, and we can't wait for them to learn to walk across the whole distance.

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