Thursday, July 17, 2008

Infant Research, Part II

Today we took the kids into Virginia Tech again for another study at the Infant Perception Lab. This time they are part of a longer study investigating social attention and language acquisition. The researchers hope that the results of this research might provide a key to understanding Autism. We'll return with the triplets in a few months for another portion of this study.

While Arthur did pretty well in the lab, Coraline and Betty both thought the woman on the video was a little intimidating. Both of their sessions ended sadly with large crocodile tears. Afterwards, we had a nice picnic with them on the drillfield, and stopped by the library to pick up a few more research books.

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Kay said...

Hey Arin and Jared -

We can't wait to see the triplets and we are hoping to make it for their birthday. Thanks so much for the invitation. I would like to send something to you from your wish list but it is something that has to be ordered from the manufacture's website not Amazon so I need your address. Can you send it to me at Thanks - Kay and Michael