Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life With Multiples

It's been a while since I've shared details on what it actually is like to be the parent of multiples. The public circus that is our life has gotten better since we don't use a triplet stroller anymore. For some reason, having a single and a double stroller, or having two in a stroller and one in an ergo is quite different than having three lined up in a row. Most people just don't see the three if they are split up. So while we still get attention everywhere we go, it is mostly from people who are stopping to see twins, and then later learning we have triplets.

We get the humorous reactions:
Returning from a walk one day, a herd of neighborhood kids spotted us a few houses away, and came racing towards us on their bikes shouting, "Triplets! Triplets! Triplets!"

We get the negative reactions:
"I don't know what I'd do with triplets!"
"I'd just kill myself if I had triplets!"

The confused reactions:
One lady asked us, once "Why do you have three babies?"
At Walmart the other day, a family passed us and I heard their young daughter talking to her mom, "I saw two babies there, and then I saw another. I think they are triplets!" To which the mom said, "No, honey, they're not."

The positive reactions:
The elderly are often quite happy to see us, and pepper us with comments about how blessed we are.

We get the intrusive questions:
"Are you done having kids, then?"
"How did you breast feed three?"

And then of course, the ever dreaded, "Boy do you have your hands full!"


Tiff said...

I have twins and I get many of the same comments. I can only imagine how many crazy things people say to you. I hate it when people act like they feel sorry for me because I have two babies! Excuse me, but I happen to feel very blessed!

ABC Triplets said...

I know, when you get the "Better you than me" comment, I always want to reply "Evidently!" :)