Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mall Trip

This morning Erin tried getting the kids to color on paper, giving them some giant-sized crayons to use. But sadly, they are not ready for this, as they couldn't figure out how to hold the crayons or how to use them on the paper. We then took the kids and their new stroller to the mall today, and it was a great hit! The triplets loved their new perspective, and the fact that they could look around at things in front and behind of them. Arthur though, found that he could turn around in his seat 180 degrees, so next time we'll make his seat belt a little tighter. We did attract a bit more attention (though not as much as the triplet stroller), and for the first time a stranger asked us if he could take a picture of them. Of course we declined - if we let everyone take pictures of the triplets, then next they'll want the triplets' autographs. And then we'd have to explain how they don't even know how to hold onto a crayon.

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Kelli said...

ohh, what a sweet picture! yes! the mall papparazzi! sheesh! I have actually jumped in front of someone's camera when i saw they were taking a picture without even asking! I even had a stranger ask if they could take a few pictures to make a powerpoint presentation! what?!?

anyway, that picture of your trio in the choo choo wagon is just precious! They are growing up so fast!!!

- Kelli