Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Salem Fair

Today we took the triplets to the Salem Fair, which supposedly is the second largest fair in Virginia. We had a great time looking around the Midway, and it wasn't crowded yet as we got there right when it opened. It was a bit hot though, so we took the kids under one of the misting tents, and they loved it!

We then had lunch while watching the duck exhibit. This was our first time of having lunch on the road. The kids ate part of a giant turkey leg, and some of Erin's calzone. We looked at the dairy farm exhibit, and a calf tried to chew on our new stroller when we parked it too close to one of the pens! We made it back in the car, and had just hit the road when it started raining. So we were pleased that our timing, and the outing, had gone so well.

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