Monday, April 14, 2008

Lunch Time!

For a while now, we had recognized that our kids were eating too much formula. Five bottles a day, averaging at least 6 ounces at a feeding, were more than suggested for babies (especially when they were also eating breakfast, a snack, and dinner). But for some reason, we could only think that the bottle to drop would be the "dream feed" bottle. At 10pm, we bring up a bottle to the sleeping babies, and it helps them sleep through the night. According to our bedtime routine plan, this bottle was supposed to be phased out, but we don't think they would sleep as well without it.

But finally it occured to us that if we dropped the 3pm bottle, we would be able to give them lunch - something we couldn't figure out how to fit in their schedule. So today was their first day of having a large lunch - onion potatoes, carrots, peas, and cinnamon applesauce! We wondered if they would still have room for dinner, but they were hungry then for solids as well. In fact, when Erin came home from work, she picked up Arthur, and peeled a banana for herself. As soon as she had peeled it, Arthur leaned over and took a huge bite out of it. He ended up eating at least half the banana, and still had room for dinner. I guess though, that I don't have to fully mash up his breakfast banana anymore.

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Dervisevic Twins Sultan & Caliph said...

I am a Twin Mom from BC, and I came to see your blog it's lovely as your children are too. I saw the picture of your little boy with the banana and I can see my son Sultan, he's 5 month and he drools when he see's me eat! I offered him a taste of a banana and he BIT a good size piece off, I got scared you know if he shocked! Yeah that's not possible with his appetite.