Thursday, April 03, 2008

All About Arthur

It's been a while since I posted individual entries on the triplets, so here we go.
Arthur (aka Parsel Tongue, Buddy, Little Man, Big Boy, Goof Ball, Squirm Worm)

Arthur by far is the most laid back of the bunch. Since he is the oldest, he is more experienced in life and doesn't let things bother him. For example, when getting his hair rinsed in the bath, he sticks out his tongue to lap up the water instead of crying. He is the only one consistently willing to ride in the stroller without crying. At bedtime, and naps, he is usually able to fall asleep on his own (swinging his poppet around in the air or feeling the thread count on the sheets to help him).

He is also the most mobile. Having mastered crawling, and sitting, he is always eager to explore. In less than half a minute, he is able to cross the living room in order to get to something that caught his eye. He also stays one step ahead of our baby-proofing attempts. Pillows used as a blockade proved to be no obstacle for him, as he scaled them quickly in the style of Sir Edmund Hillary. He is starting to pull himself up on his knees, and he is able to stand for a long time (if you place him upright holding onto an object).

Though he is one of the lightest (and has the fewest teeth), he has a voracious appetite for solids, often eating a few ounces of pureed or mashed food at a sitting. He is willing to try all foods and consistencies of foods, and rarely gags (even on the lumpy peas I made). He still struggles with drinking from sippy cups, preferring to chew on it instead.

While he loves to jump, he spends most of his playtime crawling around - often hoping that the dogs would stay in reach just a little longer. He loves baths (laughing with joy when the tub faucet is turned on) and books, and seems to have a crush on the girl on the cover of "Baby's Christmas." What he doesn't like, is staying still. Changing outfits and diapers turns into a wrestling match every time. Tomorrow we'll learn about Betty.

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