Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cave Boy

Arthur loves his caves. He crawls around the room until he can find a quiet place to sit and play by himself. Underneath the exersaucer is his favorite, and he has finally learned how to crawl in and out of it without bumping his head. He still plays escape artist, though, and when not in his caves he is actively trying to get out of the living room. So far he has found three ways to do it, the most impressive being climbing over a pile of pillows, and doing a face-plant into the carpet on the other side. He doesn't cry out though, wanting to keep his breakout a secret.

As for the girls, we are expecting to post about Coraline learning to crawl any day now. So far she has managed to take a few steps forward on her own. Oh, and I forgot to post that a year ago yesterday Erin went on bed rest - from April 21st to August 2nd!

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