Friday, April 04, 2008

A Bit About Betty

Betty (aka Elizabeth Rose, Big Betty, Buckin' Betty, Betty Boo)

Betty is the serious one of the bunch. When we take her picture, she always poses as women did in the 19th century. Rarely a smile to be seen. However, she is also the fastest to laugh, and the quickest to cry. We decided that she is the most emotional, which is not helped by the fact that she is quite stubborn - she is the only one who consistently puts herself through an enormous ordeal in order to fall asleep at night. Nighttime routines for her involve prolonged periods of crying, followed by shouting, then making noises, flailing her toys around, and then finally quiet murmurs. It's just how she is.
She hasn't started crawling yet, but she does rock some on her hands and knees. As one of her nicknames suggests, she has an extremely strong torso, and refuses to sit or lay down when she doesn't want to. Holding her down on the changing table when she's bucking, is quite the challenge.

Betty is the tallest, and the heaviest, of the three. She's an eating champ, and has a new affinity for rice cakes, and also loves avocados. She has recently figured out the fruit "lollipops." When the water bottle comes near, nothing else matters. She loves to drink water.

Her favorite playtime activity is to sit, and empty out baskets and "treasure boxes" of their contents. She's happy doing this for long stretches of time, but also loves sucking on her knitted pear and carrot rattles. At bath-time, she often brings down her little sailor man or rubber ducky, carrying them from upstairs all the way to the changing table. And as mentioned before, she hates going to sleep and taking naps, along with a dislike of having water poured over her head during baths. Oh, and she loves driving her imaginary motorcycle (see the above video).

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