Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exercising Our Vocal Chords

What happened to our quiet little babies? When they were newborns, they either a) cried, or b) were quiet. But now that these babies are older, there's a third choice - c) Screaming and shrieking. No, they aren't upset, nor are they hurt. They are just loud. And when one starts screaming, the others seem to join in. Between the added chorus and the echoes off the living room walls, sometimes it seems as if we have sextuplets.

Today we felt we had to have these babies practice their outdoors voices outside. We took them over to our house so that we could start getting the garden ready for planting (it's the weedy area in the foreground). Nana worked on moving volunteer chamomile and lettuce plants out of the way so that I could try tilling the ground, something I didn't get around to doing last year. It's always a battle against weeds that we never win, but perhaps this is the year to do it right, as the triplets will be eating much of what we grow in the garden. The babies loved watching Nana work, stared at the town's leaf collection truck, and watched me mow most of the yard.

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Kelly said...

Oh yes, the screeching! They are good at testing out the old lungs, aren't they? Hey, I think your yard looks lovely. Very springy!