Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Day

So we packed the triplets into the car at 6:30am, as usual, but instead of heading over to Nana and Pop Pop's house, we went with Erin to the polls to vote. The girls were still in their pjs (Arthur had taken off his diaper in the middle of the night, and needed to be changed), but we were all excited to participate in the voting process. It took about an hour though to get through the lines, and the kids were great except for the final 10 minutes (we had forgotten to bring toys or snacks). So we carried each of them into the voting booth (Coraline was held by a friend), and Arthur even enjoyed pushing the big "vote" button on the touch-screen.

Afterwards we saved our "I Voted" stickers and enjoyed a dinner of free Chick-fil-A sandwiches and Ben and Jerry's ice cream, while awaiting the results at Nana and Pop Pop's house. Coraline though, couldn't sleep, and so she stayed up monitoring the results to see which way Virginia would vote.

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Recia ~ I go by Reece said...

wow I named mine ABC TOO! I also have two older boys. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and triplet 4 month olds. All boys. I look at your pictures and you guys do great! My husband is gone for 6 months so I am doing this all on my own. I do really well and I think we handle it great. I have only had two days for about an hour that I do not kwn what to do. They are all crying and I do not know why and they will not stop. Any suggestions on how to handle three? MY older two where adopted 17 months ago so I have never experienced baby!! If you ever get the time and want to chat I have a myspace and a yahoo. reciasmith@yahoo.com and you can search by that on myspace too