Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Vocabulary

We started making a list the other day of all the words the kids know. For the most part, all three of them use them equally, but there are a few words that are still child-specific (though it won't take long for the other two to learn them). We have definitely found that their vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds once we started them on the "Signing Time" dvd series.


Boom, Book (buh), Bubble (bah-bah), Ball (bah), Butterfly (buh-bye), Bye-Bye, Daddy (dah-dah), Out (aw), All Done (aah), Pacifier (pah-pah), Pumpkin (puhm), Pop Pop


Elephant, Camel (spitting), Dog (panting), Flower (sniff sniff), Clock (tick-tick), Hot (blowing twice), Monkey, Pig, Bear


Book, Eat, Hat, All Done, More, Help Me, Dog, Squirrel, Sun, Bath, Monkey, Frog, Butterfly, Banana, Drink, Fan, Pacifier, Phone, Cold, Stay, Milk, Cat

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