Wednesday, November 05, 2008

15-Month Check Up

So we took the kids in for their 15-month check up, their shots, and their flu vaccination. Right away the doctor was impressed with their size and mobility, and told the nurse how they had only gotten sick once so far. Then she noticed that both girls had ear infections, with Betty having it in both ears. It seems that they've been fighting off a virus, which explains the rash Betty had on the back of her neck on Monday. We thought their clinginess and crankiness was due to their teething and general clingly nature. Ah well. So no shots this time, just amoxicillin.

Arthur was 31.5 inches tall (62nd percentile), and weighed 22lbs 13oz (27th percentile). If the weight is right, he's no longer the smallest of the three.

Betty was 31 inches tall (77th percentile) and weighed 25lbs (80th percentile). We didn't trust the nurse's first height measurement (30"), so we had her do it again. But still it shows that she's 1/2 an inch shorter than 3 months ago. We're not sure how much each measurement was off, but we do know Betty should be the tallest.

Coraline was 30.5" tall (62nd percentile), and weighed 22lbs 2 oz (40th percentile). These are the exact same measurements she had three months ago. Another recording error? Or perhaps she's hit a temporary growth plateau. Either way we hope she'll catch up to her siblings soon.

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