Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Hike

It had been a while since we had taken the triplets on a true hike, so we decided to go out and appreciate a beautiful day of fall weather. I had sent an email reservation for a structured hike/tour of trees and foliage, but for some reason my email went to the park ranger's bulk email, and they ended up canceling the hike because they didn't have enough people. So needless to say, when we arrived and they realized their mistake, they felt horribly. They gave us detailed directions and a map, and we headed out for the two-mile hike around Mill Mountain ourselves. We all had tons of fun (except for the part where I had to jog back down the mountain to search for a lost pacifier).

At the end of the hike we finally got to see the Roanoke Star close up. We took a quick look, and then drove to Five Guys and Fries for a late lunch.

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