Saturday, August 09, 2008

While Mom's Away

Erin flew out this morning to attend Great Uncle Doug's wedding up in New Jersey. We had planned on bringing the kids to the wedding, before we found out how even the slightest change to their sleep routines causes them to be cranky for days. Plus, the reception doesn't even start until their normal bedtime. So Erin won't be back until Monday morning, the longest she's spent away from the kids.

So Nana, Pop Pop, and I are making do. It doesn't help, though, that the kids had a horrible night last night (finally falling mostly asleep past midnight, and then getting up again at 4 this morning), and Coraline is either fighting a cold or having symptoms from her molars trying to come in. We took them to play in our backyard, where the playhouse is still a hit. The neighbor's kitten came over to pay a visit (we're still trying to teach them the sign for "kitty"), and Arthur and Coraline found it fascinating. Betty, noticing her siblings were distracted, took the opportunity to empty out the three snack cups.

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