Thursday, August 14, 2008

A New Slide

We got a new indoor slide/gym for the kids to play on. It's going to take them a bit of time to master it though. Arthur seems the most secure on it, climbing up the slide on his own, and standing safely on top. The girls can climb up the other side (though not the slide), but once on top they are a bit too careless. Coraline slipped through a hole and landed on her head (she's fine) because she wasn't looking where her feet were. So we'll take it slowly, let them play on it every other day for a bit, until they have mastered how to play safely on the slide.

In other news, last night Arthur finally got in his 2nd upper tooth! Though he still only has half as many teeth as the girls (and Betty has three hematomas where her first molars are starting to come in).

Tooth count: A-4, B-8, C-8

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