Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Part II

So we were having a great time at the party until Coraline found a Doritos chip on the ground. She walked into the kitchen coughing, as the sharp object had lodged in her throat. Erin had to pick her up, turn her upside down, and hit her back until Coraline threw up a few times and dislodged the chip.

Arthur playing with the drink bucket followed this incident. It had been a hit with the kids, and they had all gathered around it for a while, and Betty picked out a beer for herself. Arthur wanted to see how much trouble he could actually get into, having already figured out how to open the latch on the deck’s gate. So he tried to climb up the side of the bucket. Within moments, he flipped inside the bucket head first, immersing himself in the icy water. Erin leapt up, and pulled him out by his feet. Though cold and soaked, this didn’t faze Arthur in the least.

So all in all, Erin, Arthur, Betty, and Coraline had a wonderful birthday, and we had a great time at the party. Oh, and Coraline got her fourth upper tooth on her birthday as well.

Tooth count: A-3, B-8, C-8

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