Friday, August 01, 2008

Party Planning

Great Aunt Shirley arrived last night. She's the Martha Stewart of Vermont, and has been a great assistance in the party planning for the great quadruple birthday blast. (Here she's teaching Arthur to say "tick tock").

To give Nana a break from the kids while she prepared the house for the party, we took everyone to Steppin' Out, Blacksburg's "large" town fair. We had a lot of fun, but it was quite hot outside. Betty showed off her high IQ by unscrewing her water bottle, and dumping it over herself to get cool. The idea backfired, though, when we later put her in the air-conditioned car for the ride home.

Upon arriving home, we found a huge birthday package from Aunt Heather, Uncle Tristan, and their cousins. The kids loved opening up the gifts, and had a fun time playing with the finger puppets, the push toy, the farm animals, and the magnetic truck.

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