Monday, August 25, 2008

Mommy Goes to Work

Erin returned to her teaching job today, having a week of meetings before her students come back. While the triplets were sad to see her go, this picture isn't them saying good-bye to her. At the moment, Erin's schedule allows her to help me load up the kids in their carseats for the drive over to Nana and Pop Pop's house in the morning. Here, though, the triplets are fascinated every morning now with the arrival of the school bus at our corner.


the schirano triplets said...

they looks so cute standing at the door and their faces wear expressions of pure awe! love it!

Jaime Ann said...

love this picture! Good Luck to Erin as she returns back to work.

Sheena said...

Aww! Those faces could melt the coldest heart.I know it's hard to think about but one day sooner than later they'll be climbing on that bus to head to school too.

Good luck going back to work Erin!