Saturday, March 08, 2008

Talking Up a Storm

After a relatively quiet past few weeks (except for an overly loquacious Betty), the triplets have started again on constant babbling. Coraline has now picked up the motorboat sound Arthur loved a while back - lots of spitty B's. Betty continues constantly narrating all aspects of her life (including during meals), and Arthur is working on twisting his tongue sideways in anticipation of learning some tribal language.

One interesting thing is that it seems as if each of the three are working on different sets of syllables. Arthur keeps repeating "Mamamamama," Betty is focused on "Nanananana," and I've heard Coraline occasionally work on "Dadadada." Obviously, there are now three happy grownups in the house. Each time the triplets hit upon a set of syllables that makes a word, it stops Erin and me in our tracks, and we glance at each other to make sure we heard what we thought we heard. While we know it will still be quite a while before these words are used in context, it is nice to know they are in the triplets' repetoire.

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Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

Oh I love it! That video just cracked me up. The girls heard it and started laughing at the raspberries. =)