Monday, March 24, 2008

Becoming Mobile

Arthur has been training long and hard over these past few weeks in an effort to become mobile. He starts each day rocking on his hands and knees, building up muscle tone. He would then strengthen his arms by pushing himself backwards across the room. Recently he has started doing lifts, raising up his right arm, and then his left arm. In order to crawl, one has to get in shape. At least that's what his trainer, Sophie the dog, tells him to do. Sophie keeps Arthur on track, and displays for him the proper way to walk on all fours. You can see the strain and effort Arthur puts into his training, as he grunts and whines through his exercises. Not even teething gets in his way, pausing only briefly to gnaw on his hand, before pushing through the pain. And finally, after all of his hard work, Arthur became mobile on Easter evening! He can now crawl purposefully in a line towards his goal (often a book or the tv remote). Here's a montage of all his efforts:

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