Friday, March 28, 2008

Jumpin' Fools

Our kids love to jump. Even from the beginning, when we held them they would constantly use their legs to spring off our lap. They never could stand still. So we tried them in the johnny-jump-up, which they enjoyed, but it was in an inconvenient location. (There are no doorways near the living room to hang it on). So today we went out and got a jumperoo, which has turned into the triplets' favorite toy. Arthur holds onto the front like he's riding a horse, and goes crazy with jumping. Here's a brief clip of Betty's turn on it.

In other news, Coraline has started making a new sound. It all began when she was waving a rattle, and Arthur tried to take it. Cora quickly pulled it to her chest, emitting a very high shriek. She now does it all the time. We think we may have gotten ourselves a baby pterodactyl by accident.

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