Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break

Today is the first day of Erin's week off from teaching. She was quite excited to stay at home with the kids today, and we're also excited to be taking care of them over the next few days by ourselves, as Nana and Pop Pop flew to California to see the triplets' cousins. Erin also celebrated the day by going to get a massage - it was an extremely rare outing for a mother of triplets!

In more exciting news, though, Arthur *finally* got his first tooth last night! The girls have already had their teeth for two months now, and it's been three months since we mistakenly thought Arthur had gotten a tooth. We had been fearful that he had inherited not only his great-grandfather's name, but also his dentition. So we are thrilled for Arthur to finally join the tooth team.

Tooth count: 5

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