Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pear Lollipops

Today we put some peeled pear slices into these mesh, hand-held lollipop containers we got at a garage sale a while back. They were a huge hit! We had tried apple slices earlier, to no avail. But the pears were soft and juicy enough to hold the kids' attention for quite a while. Betty, though, decided she was having too much fun in her excersaucer, and chose not to have this snack. But for Coraline and Arthur, this was great fun. They quickly realized that besides chewing on the pear, they could chew on the plastic handle (Arthur liked rubbing it back and forth across his sore gums), and that the juice made their bibs and burp clothes quite tasty. Between the two of them, they finished off half of a pear. Hopefully Betty will join in next time.


Uribe-Twinsies said...

I love the video. Do you have any idea who makes those lollipop containers? I'd like to get them for my Twinsies.

ABC Triplets said...

They are Sassy Teething Feeders:

Sheena, Hannah & Hailey said...

I love it! We have yet to try those...I just know the mess that will ensure once I do.

And I love the part of the video when she sings about "rocking and dancing" and Arthur starts to boggey! So adorable.