Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baptismal Bliss

We packed the triplets into the car, and drove Sunday morning to Richmond to have them baptized in the church Erin used to attend when she was younger. In attendance would be Erin's mom's family, her dad's family, and some family friends (the Hoyles). While Nana, Pop Pop, Great Grandma, and one set of godparents (Auntie Em and Uncle Eric) were unable to attend, two other sets of godparents (Aunt Allison, Uncle Matt, Aunt Heather,and Uncle Tristan) helped us out enormously during the service - though we were concerned that Aunt Heather and Uncle Tristan would show up midway through the service, as they were running late in a separate car.

The service went surprisingly smoothly. The triplets behaved for almost all of the service - Arthur kept jumping in my lap during the hymns, they didn't cry too much when the holy water was poured on their heads, and they acted extremely cute knowing the focus was on them today. Highlights include Arthur loudly kicking a prayer book to the floor, and their cousin in the row behind us loudly exclaiming about his brother - "Adam's sucking on the pew!" Afterwards, we had a pleasant brunch at Joe's Inn, the first time we've taken the triplets out to a restaurant.

Their baptismal gowns turned out wonderful. Grandma Toni had lovingly handcrafted them out of Nana's old wedding dress, and the triplets seemed to love dressing up in this fancy attire (though somehow during the changing process Coraline never got her shoes put on). While the satin and lace made these three squirmers difficult to hold during the service, everyone appreciated how attractive they were in them.

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Kelly said...

Wow! I grew up in Richmond. I live in Northern Virginia now with my triplets. Whereabouts in Richmond are you from? Small world, isn't it?