Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thank You WIC!

Each month WIC gives us 27 cans of formula for the triplets - that's a savings of $360! As you can see from this image, we are still getting more than we currently need, but we anticipate catching up one day. Besides this, they also give Erin 6 gallons of milk, 3 dozen eggs, 2 boxes of cereal, 6 cans of juice, and 3 packages of cheese. In addition, we have signed up for Medicaid for Erin and the triplets, which paid the remaining hospital bills from the triplets' birth, as well as their office co-pay. Being a family of 5 with no income certainly pays off!

But now that we finally have a better handle on things, Erin is going to be working for almost all of December and January. We hope that a position opens up for her at the school in February, but it seems that the student body is shrinking, rather than growing. Perhaps though, the teacher that she is substituting for will choose not to return from her maternity leave.

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