Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ninety Minutes

We have been blessed with having a lot of family to help us raise the triplets, so rarely have the three kids been left alone with a single adult. Today though, Nana had to take Pop Pop to the hospital today for his surgery. They left at 1:30pm, and Erin wouldn't be back until 3pm. This meant that for the first significant amount of time, I would be left alone with the triplets. Ninety minutes. I thought I would blog my experience:

1:30pm - I am left with Cora asleep, and the other two in the swings
1:35pm - Betty starts crying
1:40pm - Betty falls asleep - that's two!!
1:41pm - Coraline wakes up
1:43pm - Give Cora the rest of her bottle
1:45pm - Text message picture of crying Coraline to remind Erin to come home early
1:50pm - Figure out 90 minutes is really only 5,400 seconds...
1:52pm - Still feeding Cora, Arthur finally falls asleep
1:54pm - Three asleep! Hey, this isn't too hard!
1:56pm - Coraline's up for good - off to the playmat
2:10pm - Still playing with Cora, and starting to feel like Kiefer Sutherland in "24"
2:13pm - Done with the kick piano on playmat, carry Cora around for a while
2:20pm - Put Coraline in the bouncy chair
2:25pm - Arthur wakes up
2:35pm - Put Coraline in the swing, try giving Arthur the rest of his bottle (he refuses)
2:44pm - Cora starts crying, put in her pacifier repeatedly
2:50pm - Move Coraline to the playmat
2:52pm - Arthur works on roll-over #3 (no success)
2:56pm - Notice Arthur has managed to scoot himself off the mat (again)
3:05pm - Cora crying horribly, carry her around. Betty wakes up. Arthur still trying to roll over
3:10pm - Betty starts crying. Put Cora in bouncy chair, move Betty to play mat
3:12pm - Arthur starts crying from his exertions. Pick Arthur up, bounce Cora's chair.
3:15pm - Erin finally returns home

Well, there you have it. Seems to have been a bit longer than anticipated. Hopefully the next two hours will go smoothly while we wait for Nana and Pop Pop to return home from the hospital.

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