Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Arthur Rolls Over, Pop Pop Breaks His Finger

It's been a busy few days here at the triplet commune. We had a pretty ice storm that gave Erin an extra hour one morning to spend with the kids. Arthur, for the past few days, has been working so hard at trying to roll over in the other direction (from his back to his belly). He'll grunt and moan and get completely on his side, but the arm he is laying on keeps preventing him from fully rolling over. So he'll stop, roll back to his back, and then vocally attempt the feat again. And then lo and behold, today after Nana set him down on his back on the playmat, he quickly rolled over onto his stomach, and then pushed himself back onto his back! Betty, of course, is none too happy about this, as she still has yet to attempt rolling over in the other direction.

Pop Pop, meanwhile, managed to dislocate the last digit of his middle finger while attempting the dangerous task of putting on his pants in the morning. I suggested that he make up some story about injuring it while catching a pass during a winter game of touch football or something. But no, it was the pants that did him in. And the orthopedist said it was the best case he'd seen in years. So tomorrow Pop Pop goes into surgery to replace a ligament and get a pin put in. We hope that it all goes well, but with Pop Pop's one hand in a splint from this "mallet finger," and with Nana's wrist in brace from her tendonitis, it looks like the triplet commune is falling apart!

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